Adriano Zumbo patisserie Elenberg Fraser


Playful and experimental interiors of this stunning café are an idea brought to life by a team of young graduates from Elenberg Fraser graduate school. This almost totally candy-pink space reflects an idea of a wonderland in the middle of a regular city. Trying to achieve an unexpected result designers mixed unusual materials, finishes and processes in order to develop a unique atmosphere. Cleverly used industrial techniques and in combination with traditionally made cabinetry and custom-made lighting fittings created together a really dramatic interior. “This is pure fantasy, indulgence and experimentation at its best and successfully creates a surprising and truly memorable retail experience.” – from the author. The ceiling and walls were covered by the architects themselves with around 600 vacuum-formed polycarbonate shells with mirrored surface. The concrete floor was polished to the condition when it appeared like white ice-cream. Designers treated carefully the selection of furniture, that includes customized pieces and period-style chairs purchased in second-hand stores. Several elements were layered with ”triple-expanding foam”, including a layer of silicone, for protection. Decorative accents include various dyes, the prominent among them is pink. Such color palette attracts young audience like kids and adults and this solution really worked. Placed in the middle of the mirrored walls at the back of the restaurant large neon sign with the name of the café was designed by Emily Polidano and has determined the mood of the patisserie – bright, contemporary and modern.


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