Palacio de Villapanes, Sevilla

A few steps away from the historic Barrio de Santa Cruz, next to the vital center of Seville city, raises the Hotel Palacio de Villapanes, a shining jewel with all its splendour preserving its barroque legacy, at the same time it will transport you to the Mudejar time, inviting you to become a part of history. Built in the XVIII century for Mr. Manuel Lopez Pintado, the first Torreblanca de Aljarafe Marquis, it has been excellently renovated, maintaining its architectonic richness. Turned into a Luxury Hotel, its classical elegant style combine perfectly with a distinguish ambience, where you will be able to let go your five senses, enhanced by the fusion amongst modern design and andalusian culture, to discover and experience the most authentic Seville. You will get lost in a sea of sensations, with its minimal design, exclusive warm and cozy luxury suitesequipped with the latest technology to satisfy the most demanding guests who are looking for the delight of small intimate and personalized spaces created to dream in its balconies which caress the light over the Giralda and la Catedral de Sevilla.


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