Textiles, furniture and furnishing accessories by Rubelli

Rubelli Group production covers two main categories: textiles and furniture and furnishing accessories. At the Rubelli mill in Cucciago in the province of Como, formerly the nineteenth-century Zanchi mill, most of the Rubelli and Armani/Casa fabrics or the fabrics for major projects such as La Scala and the La Fenice theatre are produced. State-of-the art jacquard looms can manufacture materials for all types of furniture in natural and synthetic fibres and flameproof fabrics in Trevira CS for the contract sector.
With the acquisition of the Donghia brand Rubelli Group production went beyond fabrics to include also furniture, furnishing accessories and lighting. Every item of Donghia furniture is manufactured, assembled and finished by hand with carefully selected materials, giving each product a distinctive personality which renders it truly unique. The historic production plant is in the USA, while a satellite department has been created in Italy in order to meet the demand for upholstered furniture on the European market more effectively.
The lighting is however entirely produced by hand in Murano, according to ancient techniques developed over past centuries.



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