Tazmania Ballroom in Hong Kong

Tazmania ballroom design heralds partygoers paradise, reflecting images of the dark, smoke-filled venues. A unique concept of glamour meets games, has been tailormade by renown international interior designer Tom Dixon for Hong Kongs’s hip, cool urbanities eager to party. A dark and decedant, but ultra stylish venue oozing class, Dixon and Design Research Studio has recreated a venue that summons images of the American speakeasy’s of the 1920s. As the guests enter they can admire bronze mirrored staircase after what they emerge into a dark, as well as stylish and chic space with with DJ booth, a pool table area, a long bar and an outdoor terrace. The interior walls include geometric diamond buttresses to the cavernous ceiling on one side and plaster floor to ceiling bookshelves on the other. Gold-plated pool tables raise to the ceiling bringing to light a dance floor and ping-pong tables

Images Courtesy of Tazmania Ballroom



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